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Security of the Highest Quality

When it comes to security system installation in Melbourne, there are a range of products in the market.

From DIY, to high level equipment used in airports and banks, it is imperative to select the best quality system appropriate for each unique property and each client’s unique needs. At Bpoint Security, we work with high quality brands that cater to differing levels of security requirements. We will never compromise on quality.

Bosch Alarm Systems

Integrity is one of the key drivers behind the brand’s operations with the founder, Robert Bosch, being quoted as saying “…I would rather lose money than trust”. Their technologies are smart, easy to use, and accessible via your smart device. Incredible convenience.

They’re known to be reliable and innovative, and they’re used to anticipate the needs of building visitors – including their need for safety and security. That’s why Bosch alarm systems are used globally to not just protect museum displays and detect fires in hospitals, but to solve problems too.

Avigilon Logo

Avigilon Security Cameras

They feature advanced detection and verification technologies, giving you more control and more time to act. You can access all the information on your smartphone or desktop, whenever you need it.

Avigilon security cameras provide high-quality images using relatively low bandwidth via a patented compression process. The company describes their treatment of the surveillance footage as ‘visually lossless’, meaning that you won’t lose any detail when the footage is stored. You or your professional monitoring team can view the live camera feed without sacrificing resolution, giving you more time to think and act.


Hikvision Security Cameras

Their cameras are used to automate the filming of ice hockey matches, monitor the world’s fastest animal, and reduce crime. In fact, one of Cape Town’s most affluent suburbs saw a 65% decrease in crime after Hikvision cameras were installed.

Known for its research, development and innovation, Hikvision has an exceptional record of preventing cyber security incidents. Meanwhile, the features available in Hikvision security cameras are incredibly broad.

Paradox Logo

Paradox Alarm Installation

Paradox alarms are sophisticated, yet simple. They bundle advanced technology into attractive casings. The information you need is available in a user-friendly platform accessible via an app.

Innovation is at the core of the Paradox Alarms brand. You can see that in their ‘always armed’ approach to alarms. This approach reflects their findings that 26% of break ins happen while you’re home. The three arming levels are armed, sleep mode, and stay mode. The protection offered ranges from maximum security for when you’re away through to a protected perimeter that guards you while you’re home. You get around-the-clock protection and eliminate the risk of forgetting to set the alarm.


Provision-ISR Security Cameras

Their equipment harnesses artificial intelligence based on the knowledge of input from experts working in the fields of emergency management, cybersecurity, and intelligence. The smart sensors attached to Provision ISR security cameras can alert you if your child is near your pool or if someone is approaching your house after a certain hour.

The brand is trusted by companies around the globe, including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the De Mayo Palace, and the Biblical Zoo in Israel.