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CCTV Systems Protect You! They are highly effective for you who are looking to monitor your properties, assets, and visitors.

As a result, they promote productivity and reduce your OH&S risk. You can easily keep a close eye on your business during operating hours and after you close.

BPoint’s CCTV systems in Melbourne can be accessed online wherever you are. The footage is also recorded and stored so you can access it at a later time if you realise there’s something you need to see.

CCTV System Installation

Our CCTV system installation offers assurance that your security cameras will work properly. Our experienced technicians will survey your property to select the most fitting cameras and accurate location placement. You can be certain the cameras provided offer the best value and functionality for you.

We offer CCTV System installation on top-end industry technologies, including:

Once we’ve confirmed your security system plan, we’ll install your security cameras. They will provide the best angles from the most optimal locations to protect what’s important to you. We are fully licensed, OH&S compliant and highly experienced. Whether you’re offsite, at home or at the office, our trusted security solutions offer you peace of mind while protecting your business.

What are the Benefits of

CCTV Camera Systems


There are plenty of benefits of CCTV systems, which is why so many property owners take advantage of them! Here are some of the benefits a CCTV system will bring your business:

Falls, trips, threats and intrusions all pose massive risk to your business. This is especially true if they aren’t caught on camera.

Your insurer will immediately ask for any CCTV footage if an injury happens in your workplace. Having this footage available will provide your organisation with evidence in the case of litigation. This evidence can protect you from fraudulent WorkSafe claims and can show your processes and protocol in the case of genuine injury.

WorkSafe injury litigation is incredibly costly to your business. We’ve had clients whose businesses have lost tens of thousands of dollars because they didn’t install a CCTV system until it was too late. It’s not worth the risk.

Installing visible cameras act as a deterrent to potential offenders. For thieves and vandals, there’s no point risking being caught on camera when the business just down the street doesn’t have any. They don’t want to risk getting caught and identified by the police.

CCTV monitoring can improve your team’s productivity and safety. It’s no surprise that many of our clients report their staff being on their best behaviour (and following all OH&S guidelines) with CCTV installed in the workplace.

CCTV systems are well worth the investment

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