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Our security system installations for cafes ensure a safe and comfortable environment for both staff and customers, preventing theft and enhancing operational security.

restaurant viewed from security camera


We provide comprehensive security systems for childcare centers, safeguarding the premises with advanced surveillance and access control to protect children and staff.

childcare security systems


Our tailored security systems for nightclubs include high-resolution cameras and robust access control to maintain safety and order in high-energy environments..

Convenience Store

We install cutting-edge security systems in convenience stores to deter theft, monitor activity, and ensure the safety of both employees and customers.

security systems for convenience store

Grocery Store

Our security installations for grocery stores focus on preventing shoplifting, monitoring customer flow, and securing inventory with state-of-the-art technology.


We equip hotels with comprehensive security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control, to ensure the safety and privacy of guests and staff.


Our security solutions for offices include advanced surveillance and access control systems to protect employees, data, and assets within the workplace.

Businessman entering safe code


We install specialised security systems in pharmacies to safeguard against theft, ensure the security of medications, and comply with regulatory standards.


Our security installations for restaurants focus on protecting the premises, monitoring customer areas, and ensuring the safety of employees and patrons.

Woman is cooking


We install comprehensive security systems in pubs to ensure a safe and secure environment, with advanced surveillance and access control to monitor activity and prevent incidents.

Retail Stores

We provide retail stores with top-tier security systems to prevent shoplifting, manage crowd control, and secure merchandise.

Man monitoring the CCTV


Our security systems for schools enhance safety with comprehensive surveillance, access control, and emergency response solutions.


We install powerful security systems in warehouses to monitor inventory, control access, and prevent unauthorised entry.

Bpoint technicians working at Moorabbin warehouse