Back-to-base monitoring is an investment. Like all investments, you need to weigh the pros and cons before committing to pay. This blog post details what you need to know to determine whether back-to-base monitoring is worth it for your property.

What is back-to-base monitoring?

Back-to-base monitoring is a professional security service. It is where your commercial, retail or home alarm system is set up to alert a monitoring centre if your alarm is triggered. These monitoring centres are manned 24/7 by security professionals.

Benefits of back-to-base monitoring

Our clients choose professional monitoring for a variety of reasons. When they do, they get access to these benefits of back-to-base monitoring:

1  Around-the-clock protection. 

Back-to-base monitoring means there’s someone keeping a watchful eye over your alarm at all times. Your home and business are powerfully protected wherever you are!

2  Guilt-free disconnection.  

Self-monitoring requires you to diligently keep watch over your system. Any time you’re disconnected from the internet or you’re not accessible by phone, you lose touch with your alarm system. Back-to-base monitoring frees you up to disconnect.

3  A professional response. 

None of us know exactly how we will respond to a break in or in an emergency. Back-to-base monitoring leaves your emergency response to a professional team. By choosing a high-quality provider, you can be certain that your instructions are being acted upon. Freeing you up to concentrate on what matters – your safety, your family, and your valuables.

How we respond to your alarm

With back-to-base monitoring, BPoint acts in line with your response plan. You’ll choose how we respond to a break in or other triggering event. You select whether we contact you, the police, or dispatch a security patrol car (for an additional fee) at the first instance. We offer 4 standard responses, but we’re able to develop a custom response for your property. 

How much does back-to-base monitoring cost?

The cost of back-to-base monitoring depends on a number of factors, including your provider, the alarm reliability, and how often your alarm communicates (or checks in) with your security centre. The range of costs provides flexibility for you to balance the costs of your security monitoring with your risk profile.

This is what back-to-base monitoring costs with BPoint Security:

Standard Alarm Monitoring 

Our Standard Alarm Monitoring is $36 plus GST per month.

In return for this investment, your alarm will be equipped with a Permaconn P25 SIM. This is the smallest and most cost-effective security single SIM communicator available in Australia.

Your alarm will check in with your home base every 12 hours. Many of our homeowners and small business owners rely on our standard alarm monitoring.

Premium Alarm Monitoring  

Our Premium Alarm Monitoring is $55.30 plus GST per month.

This security service offers tighter security for security-conscious homeowners and business managers. It relies on Permaconn’s P9 dual-SIM technology to communicate with your security centre. Your alarm will check in with your base every 60 minutes.

Advanced Alarm Monitoring 

Our Advanced Alarm Monitoring is $71.31 plus GST per month. It is suited to commercial premises that demand exceptional security and protection from a variety of threats.

This high-end security service offers exceptional reliability, using Permanconn’s P15/14 dual SIM in addition to an ethernet cable. The dual SIM system connects to both Optus and Telstra’s networks and the ethernet cable steps in if there are any issues connecting to the networks.

Your alarm will check in with your security centre every 120 seconds.

Back-To-Base Alarm Monitoring with BPoint Security

BPoint provides professional back-to-base alarm monitoring for Melbourne homeowners and business premises. Our security services offer powerful protection to anyone concerned by the threats posed by intruders, fire, and more. Your security monitoring is completely tailored to you. You choose how we respond to your alarm being triggered. You choose how often your alarm checks in. You choose whether to opt for back-to-base monitoring, self-monitoring or both.

Reach out for an obligation-free consultation about your security.