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Ultra-Convenient and Extra Secure

Access control systems are Melbourne’s most flexible and most convenient security technology.

Access control gives you the ultimate control over who enters your business and where they can go once they’re in. You can limit the access of your employees to certain areas and specific hours. This gives you the flexibility to give broad access to your managerial employees across multiple sites, while restricting others to where they’re needed.

Access control systems (Melbourne) empower you to:

  • Protect your confidential or sensitive information.
  • Know who is coming and going (and keep an electronic record of it).
  • Reduce theft.
  • Increase safety.
  • Decrease the likelihood of break-ins.

Whatever your business needs, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of access control.

Access Control Key Systems

Access control key systems mean you’ll never have to worry about keys again. No more replacing them when staff leave. No more having spares cut. Simply remove access for staff who are no longer with you and issue access for new members. It’s almost too easy.

Our smart technology allows you to open and close doors remotely with the press of a button on your smartphone. Intelligent platforms enable full integration between your alarm system and access control, which means the systems talk to each other to keep your business safely guarded.

We work with these access control key systems:

When access control key systems are coupled with an intercom, you’ll always know who’s in your buildings. Buzz in customers and visitors, without giving them access to every single room. And turn hawkers away at the gates.

Access Control System Installation

Access control system installation by an experienced professional team helps you get the most out of the technology. The startup investment in a professional installation is well and truly worthwhile when you consider the years of convenience, safety, and powerful protection on offer.

With so many different consoles, you’ll benefit from professional help designing and installing your system. BPoint Security technicians install access control systems with precision, so you can be sure they’ll operate as planned.

We understand how these systems work, meaning we work with you to ensure your system delivers to your needs and that it works optimally across its lifetime. In practice, this means our professional installation team is with you every step of the way – from design through to installation, monitoring and maintenance.

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