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BPoint Security designs and installs security systems for your home, office, or retail space. Our tailored security solutions and high-quality technologies ensure our security services are always on point.

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Alarm Systems Melbourne

Commercial / Retail / Home

Alarm systems buy you time to react if an intruder enters your property.

They empower you to limit any damage caused to your property, while limiting the amount of time any intruder spends inside.

The role of your home alarm as the final frontier of your security system doesn’t mean it doesn’t play a role in deterrence too. External sirens linked to your alarm system are fitted to your property in an inoffensive, but obvious, location. The threat of a loud alarm makes your home, office, or retail space a significantly less attractive target to potential criminals. A good security company will take these factors into account when installing a new system.

Coupled with zoning, alarms offer exceptional flexibility. Zoning lets you arm and disarm alarms in different areas, or zones, at different times. So, you’re always in total control over larger properties or multiple locations.

The flexibility offered by alarm systems doesn’t end there. They perfectly complement existing security systems, adding additional power to whatever system you already have in place.

BPoint’s alarm system solutions make criminals think not twice, but many times over. Take the target off your back with our trusted, high-tech alarm systems. Our security company installs systems all over Melbourne. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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Home Alarm Systems

Commercial / Retail / Home

Work with a security company you can trust. We’ve installed a range of home alarm systems all over Melbourne.

Home alarm systems are the final frontier of your complete home security package. Our home alarm systems take advantage of all the latest technologies. They are affordable, scalable, easy to update, and offer the reliability you can only achieve with dual SIM technologies!

Their smart functionality means that you can arm and disarm them from wherever you are using your phone or computer. This is an awesome feature, especially when it’s coupled with zoning. Zoning means that you can have alarms set in one part of the house while they’re disarmed in another.

Never feel uncertain about what’s going on downstairs when you’re in your bedroom or the shower upstairs again.

BPoint’s experts won’t just go through the motions installing your home alarm system. With us, you’ll get tailored advice about the type of home alarm system your home needs that’s not built entirely on the number of bedrooms you have. We’ll take that into account, along with countless additional factors that off-the-shelf alarms don’t consider.

Need a security company to do your installation?

Professional Installations By Melbourne’s Most Trusted Security Team

Professional security system installation leaves nothing to chance. At BPoint Security, we have decades’ experience installing reliable and effective security systems in Melbourne businesses and homes.

You can put your feet up and relax, while we get to work surveying your property, determining the best vantage points, and putting your effective security system in place. We’ll install your security equipment properly, so that it’s positioning takes advantage of all the features available.

Our security company’s system installations are clean, professional, and designed to your preferred aesthetic. We’ll run wires through walls so your security system doesn’t take over your home. And we’ll leave your home just as clean as we found it.

We show you exactly how everything works and discuss the common questions we hear. No more consulting with YouTube or spending hours reading complex manuals with no context.

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