The security system you install at your warehouse will play a significant role in maintaining the health and safety of your workers. Your warehouse security system must be capable of protecting you from fraudulent OH&S claims, recording near misses, controlling access, and detecting theft. This ultimate warehouse safety and security checklist outlines what equipment you should consider for your site:

1. High-Quality Warehouse Security Cameras.

Security cameras can offer powerful protection if a worker is injured at your warehouse, but only if they work reliably and are strategically (and legally) placed. To achieve this, you must rely on high-quality equipment that has been custom designed and masterfully installed.

You should work with a trusted security advisor to develop a custom security camera framework. Depending on the location, you might consider dome or bullet cameras with either standard performance, like the Provision ISR S-Sight camera, or a camera with advanced features like:

  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning. Cameras equipped with artificial intelligence can learn to detect what matters and ignore what doesn’t. This helps to prevent false alarms from things like swaying powerlines, lightning during a storm, or birds flying through the camera’s range of vision. Read more here.
  • DDA analytics. DDA stands for Detect. Distinguish. Alert. This technology detects movement, distinguishes between objects, and sends out alerts based on the rules provided for that object. Read more here.
  • Motorised varifocal. These CCTV cameras rely on mechanical zoom that allows you to adjust the field of view to its particular setting when it is installed. Read more here.
  • PTZ – or pan, tilt, zoom functionality. PTZ cameras are suited to large areas where you require exceptional image quality and high levels of detail. Advanced PTZ cameras come equipped with artificial intelligence that can be set to automatically follow objects, like vehicles, when they enter a space until they leave. Read more here.

Working with your security advisor, you can consider the type of cameras you need and whether cameras with advanced features will better meet your needs.

2. An Access Control System.

An access control system helps you prevent criminals and workers from accessing areas they shouldn’t be in. It is an essential and convenient security addition to any Melbourne warehouse.

Your access control system can be set up to limit the access of your workers to certain areas during certain times of the day. This reduces the risk of accidents occurring before or after hours, or in more dangerous locations. Since you can restrict access to offices to certain staff members, you can protect your petty cash and confidential or sensitive information from prying eyes.

Security technicians working at a Moorabbin warehouse installing a commercial security system using a scissor lift

3. An Advanced Security Alarm System.

Your security alarm system can be separated into up to 12 areas. Each area is separately controlled by keypads, proxy readers, fobs, tokens, or through an app, and is equipped with a separate alarm system, so it can be armed in certain areas while it is disarmed in others. This provides optimal security for managers who might work late in the warehouse office, or cleaning teams who attend at odd hours.

A quality security alarm system for a warehouse should also be equipped with zoning. A zone can be a reed switch, motion detector (PIR), glass breaker, or smoke detector. The zones are customisable, based on your needs. This is essential for warehouses, since the zone is what allows your control room to identify the exact location or trigger if an alarm goes off.

By working with a quality security provider, you can access advanced security alarm devices that integrate with access control systems, intercoms and other smart security technologies. This multifaceted protection gives you power and control over what goes on at your warehouse.

4. Back-to-Base Monitoring by Security Professionals.

Back-to-base monitoring is an optional security service for security alarm systems. When it is monitored, your warehouse alarm system is manned 24/7 by a team of trained security personnel. This reduces the risk of you missing an alarm and ensures a timely and professional response if your alarm is triggered.

You should also ensure the security company you deploy has an A1 grade control room, the highest grading possible in Australia. Security monitoring providers with this grading are qualified to serve clients with top security needs, including banks, government agencies, and embassies. These services can be tailored to suit homeowners and businesses.

Read more about whether back-to-base monitoring is worth it in this blog post.

5. A Warehouse-Wide PA System.

PA systems let you quickly communicate with your workers. It facilitates fast and effective transmission of information about emergencies or safety hazards. The rest of the time, you can use the PA system to play music or share messages with your workforce.

BPoint Ticks All The Boxes on Your Warehouse Safety and Security Checklist
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