As buildings and security technologies become smarter, we’re seeing more homeowners and businesses interested in video intercom systems. This blog post will outline the features and benefits of video intercom systems to help you decide whether they’re the right security technology for you. 


What are video intercom systems?

A video intercom system is a security technology that allows two-way communications. Usually, one device will be mounted permanently at a point of entry, like a doorway or gate. The wall-mounted intercom has circuitry that allows visitors to announce their arrival. It will also have a video camera that allows the end user to see a live video feed of the person seeking access to the building. 


Photograph of the interior wall mounted video intercom system


What features do the best video intercom systems have?

The best video intercom systems have features and functionality that makes your life easier, while making you feel more secure and comfortable in your surroundings. These are some of the features you should consider when choosing a video intercom system for your property:


The best video intercom systems are accessible via an app. 

App accessibility significantly increases the convenience your video intercom system will bring to your lifestyle. This feature makes it possible for you to communicate with whoever is at your door from your smartphone, wherever you are. For business owners, this means you never miss out on communications with clients and key stakeholders. For homeowners, you can speak with anyone who knocks on your door even when you’re not there. This can help teenagers and young adults feel safe and secure at home as they adapt to spending time without adult supervision. 


Video intercom systems with access control offer exceptional convenience.

Access control lets you remotely lock and unlock doors using your smartphone or a wall-mounted unit. When you combine video intercom equipment with access control, you achieve optimal flexibility in giving guests access to your property. This is so useful for anyone with a busy schedule. Imagine the flexibility of letting your in-laws into your home if they arrive early while you’re out picking up dinner. Video intercom systems with access control make that a reality. 


Intuitive displays are a hallmark of quality video intercom systems.

Video intercom systems are only effective if they are easy to operate. Simple, intuitive displays ensure your visitors know what to do when they arrive. The display should make what actions are required apparent and the camera should be visible. From the end user’s perspective, a modern interface makes the intercom easy to access and use. 


Photograph of a woman in a shirt using a video intercom system to enter a building


Benefits of a video intercom system

Video intercom systems are convenient and time-saving devices. They also add a layer of protection that helps to ensure your family or staff feel comfortable and secure at all times. Let’s take a look at how these benefits of video intercom systems transfer to real-life situations: 


Avoid missed deliveries with video intercom.

Video intercom systems with access control help to make missed delivery notifications a thing of the past. These systems send an alert to the wall unit and/or your smartphone when the courier arrives and presses the intercom. From there, you can give the courier access to certain areas of your building – whether that’s access to your home’s front alcove via the intercom-controlled gate, your reception in a commercial building, or your loading bay for a retail premises or warehouse. 

When a video intercom is combined with access control technologies, you can securely lock the door or gate behind the courier as they leave. Never worry about whether visitors left doors unlocked or alarms disarmed again. 


Secure guest access for multi-tenant buildings.

Video intercom systems offer an added layer of security without sacrificing convenience in multi-tenant buildings. These systems ensure that visitors are only welcomed into the building once they’re given access by a tenant. This helps reduce potential security issues arising from unauthorised access. At the same time, guests who do use the video intercom system are able to access the building without waiting for someone to let them in. When the intercom is linked to a smartphone application, the end user can even let the guest into the building when they aren’t home! 


Stress-free access to rental properties.

The post-pandemic travel industry is likely to look a little different. We’re expecting to see more guests expecting contactless check-in, which poses problems for rental property managers who want to confirm the identity of their short-term tenants. Video intercom systems with access control help to bridge this gap. Using video intercom to check in, renters can enjoy a convenient contactless stay while property managers can verify that the guests in the property are who they say they are. 


Why choose professional installation for your video intercom system? 

Whichever video intercom system you choose, it will most likely be a wired system. Wired equipment requires the manual installation of physical cables to transmit data. Wired video intercom systems are more secure and offer higher quality images and recordings, while reducing the likelihood of any interference during transmission. 

You should rely on professional installation to ensure your video intercom system functions properly. Professional security technicians are able to place the equipment at the optimal height so they can be easily accessed by visitors. This also helps the end user to get the best possible view of the visitor on the camera. 

Another significant advantage of having a professional install your video intercom system is that you are more likely to achieve a clean aesthetic. Quality security providers often offer a workmanship guarantee on their installations, so you can be certain you’ll love the results.

Finally, professional installation of your video intercom system is cost-effective. This is especially true when you compare the costs to the time you would spend researching and then undertaking the labour on the installation yourself.


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