DDA Video Analytics is an artificial intelligence feature developed by Israeli security technology company, Provision ISR. It allows your camera to recognise objects, like cars, people, birds, animals, and trees. This can be a gamechanger for homeowners and business owners. So, does your property need DDA Video Analytics?

What Are Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a surveillance technology with an intelligent algorithm embedded into it. Depending on the algorithm used, video analytics achieves things like facial recognition, counting, and picking up on specific behaviours. Security cameras equipped with video analytics can determine whether someone is wearing a mask, or if they cross a perimeter line.

Provision ISR’s DDA Video Analytics

DDA is an acronym for Detect. Distinguish. Alert. This perfectly describes what the technology achieves. It detects movements, distinguishes between objects, and sends out alerts based on the rules provided for that object.

It is designed to distinguish between humans, 2-wheel vehicles (including motorcycles and bikes), and 4-wheel vehicles.

Here’s what that looks like in the real world:

You own a parking garage. For safety reasons, you want to make sure that only cars drive up the ramps while people use the stairwell. You can set up your video cameras to send an alert if it detects a human walking on the ramps.

3 Reasons You Would Want DDA Video Analytics For Your Property:

1. Reduce False Alarms from Your Security Camera.

Provision ISR advertise their DDA Video Analytics systems as being ‘The End of False Alarms’. This is because the alarm system isn’t triggered by motion. Instead, it is triggered by certain objects being detected. In practice, this significantly reduces the likelihood of false alarms caused by movement like rain, changing lighting conditions, shadows, animals and swaying trees or powerlines. It also means they are pet-friendly, since your pet won’t trigger the alarm.

2. To Promote Health & Safety.

DDA Video Analytics promote health and safety at home and in the workplace. The technology can be set up to create perimeters that will alert you if they are crossed by objects that aren’t permitted. Your security camera can let you know if your child enters an area of the home they shouldn’t be in without supervision – or if a worker enters a restricted area. They can alert you if a car drives on your lawn.

3. Smarter Security.

Today’s security systems are smart. They’re more efficient, more reliable, and more accurate than ever before. They offer smart features, like the ability to communicate with humans who are detected by the cameras. Relying on intelligent security systems, like those with DDA Video Analytics, means you’re relying on the best technology available. 

Professional Installation is Key with DDA Video Analytics

Security systems that include DDA Video Analytics should be professionally installed. The artificial intelligence in the camera only recognises the objects if it is set up properly. For instance, it should be set up so that bicycles pass it with a side-on view, not a front on view. Similarly, cars should be viewed from a 30-degree angle to a 45-degree angle.

The optimal height for installation varies depending on the lens. Distance requirements also need to be considered when choosing a camera, since the lens will determine the longest distance objects can be recognised from.

Provision ISR Installation by BPoint

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