Homes are rapidly getting smarter. As they do, they become more convenient, more secure, and more comfortable than ever before. Home access control systems are a popular smart home upgrade. They let you know more about who is at your door and put any stress about whether you’ve locked the door behind you to bed. Read on to find out more about home access control systems and how they will change your life for the better.

What is a home access control system?

A home access control system is made up of security equipment that allows you to more easily control who enters certain areas of your property. Similar access control systems have long been used in commercial properties, so many of us are familiar with access key fobs and swipe card entry at work. Home access control systems take advantage of the same innovations to provide greater security to you and your family. Photograph of a home access control system on a brick structure at a front gate numbered 17  

Features of home access control systems

A quality security provider will offer home access control systems with a range of features. So finding equipment that meets your needs should be simple. Here are two features we see many of our residential clients choose:

Home access control with video intercom

Video intercom makes secure home access incredibly convenient. You can see and speak with anyone who rings your doorbell and let them in from wherever you are. This offers so much flexibility to hardworking professionals and busy families. You can verify your visitors then let them in if you’re running late coming home from work, or unlock your door from your kitchen so you don’t burn dinner. You can read more about video intercom systems and how they work here.

Gate access control

Gate access control lets you halt unwanted visitors before they enter your property. By adding access control to your gate, you can choose to only open your gate for the guests you’ve invited. No more unknown faces at your front door. Gate access control also allows you to securely let couriers in to deliver packages. You can open and close the gate from your smartphone, so you never need to worry about whether they’ve locked up after they leave. A home camera system lets you keep an eye on things while they’re on your property too.  

What are the benefits of home access control?

While the benefits of home access control do vary depending on the features, here are some common advantages our customers enjoy:

Home access control offers better protection for your family and valuables.

When your home access control system is integrated with your smartphone, you will always know whether your doors and gates are locked or your garage is closed. This helps to prevent crimes of opportunity. It also gives your loved ones the peace of mind that comes from knowing who is at the front door when the bell rings.

Keyless entry with smart home access options.

Your family never needs to fret about losing keys with smart home access options. You can opt for keycode entry or simply have them ring the doorbell, verify their identity, then unlock the door remotely. When your access control is linked to your home alarm, the system can be programmed to disarm automatically when someone enters after being verified. It’s so convenient.

Exceptional reliability with professional installation.

Your only concern should be checking your doorbell when it rings, not whether it will work properly. Wired home access control systems are relatively resistant to tampering and offer exceptional reliability. When they are professionally installed, your system will withstand weather and normal usage for years into the future. For more information about home access control systems, reach out for a free custom quote. We understand your needs are unique and we offer completely tailored packages to all our customers. We’ll (usually) get back to you within 24 hours.