Retail stores are always going to be a target for thieves. However, you also have to consider potential OH&S concerns and problematic shrinkage that limits your company’s ability to turn a profit. Fortunately, a professionally installed retail security system gives you the power to address these issues and take control of your operation. Here, we explore some of the key places to install security cameras to ensure you experience complete surveillance of your business.

Store Entrances

Keeping close tabs on who enters and leaves your store is crucial to your security. With a high-quality camera prominently positioned to monitor each way in and out, you deter potential criminals from targeting your business. If someone exits without paying, you should be able to clearly identify them to the authorities. Plus, you should know precisely who to look out for in the future should they decide to return.


Although business owners would like to ‌trust their workers, shrinkage due to employee theft is a major problem that requires action. With the stockroom an obvious place for a malicious worker to steal goods, placing security cameras in this area ensures you can closely monitor what’s happening. This way, if valuable inventory goes missing without an explanation, you can review the tapes to check for deceptive behaviour.

Shop Floor

Installing an effective CCTV system is imperative for your shop floor, with customers and employees capable of taking goods right in the open. However, monitoring these spaces can be particularly difficult, with busy aisles and dimly lit spaces making crystal-clear footage hard to capture. However, the experts at B Point Security have a wealth of experience tailoring high-end solutions that overcome these concerns.

Cash Registers

Alongside proper procedures to protect your cash flow, installing a comprehensive CCTV security system above your cash registers is essential to safeguarding your business. Not only will this protect your business from criminals who attempt to gain access, but you can also monitor how employees handle money, process refunds and deal with customers. With a top-notch system installed, you’ll have greater oversight of your store’s operations.

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