If you’re looking to safeguard your commercial operation, installing an effective CCTV system will deter criminals and protect your business from potential liabilities. However, with so many options to choose from, it pays to consider the small details to ensure you make the right choice. Here, we provide a few quick tips to help you identify the ideal commercial CCTV system for your needs.

Discreet or deterrent

Depending on the needs of your business, you might want to make the presence of your CCTV system obvious to anyone who comes nearby. For example, a bike shop might place cameras along its back alley to ensure potential criminals thinking about getting inside know they are being actively monitored.

However, if you don’t want to risk your CCTV cameras being compromised, adopting a discreet solution might be the best for your needs. With a tucked away indoor or outdoor system, you can easily monitor employees that might undermine your operation or identify thieves who think they’re getting away with the crime.

Think video quality

Your reason for installing a commercial CCTV camera system will help determine whether you need the highest quality video recording. If you operate a retail shop vulnerable to break-ins, your business needs great video quality to identify the perpetrator and recover any stolen items.

However, if the purpose of your security cameras is to capture an overview of a specific area, opting for a lower resolution might make the most sense considering storage requirements. When choosing the ideal CCTV system, don’t overlook how video quality affects your decision.

Research the lighting

Lighting conditions can play a major role in how well your surveillance system captures video. Naturally, an outdoor system needs to operate overnight, but harsh direct sunlight or nearby reflections might also limit its effectiveness.

Understanding these conditions will affect how your cameras are positioned. However, you may need to purchase a system that uses infrared filters or artificial illuminators to ensure you don’t encounter any problems capturing the surroundings.

Scalable solutions

Scalability is one of the most important considerations for commercial CCTV systems. Although you might only decide to invest in a handful of cameras today, as your operation expands, you might require many more added to your network in the future.

However, depending on the type of CCTV system you opt for, this upgrade might not be so straightforward. Therefore, when it’s time to choose a security system, make sure your solution includes scalable servers, storage and software.

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