Thieves constantly search for signs that a house is ripe for a break-in. However, combined with a professionally installed home security system, you can make their lives considerably harder by following some basic steps to avoid these situations. With experienced criminals roaming the streets to find the ideal home to force their way into, sometimes homeowners simply don’t help themselves by leaving the keys under the front mat. Here are some simple ways to secure your home against unlawful entry. Leaving valuables in plain view Criminals don’t want to waste their time on homes with no valuables worth taking. Therefore, they spend their days scoping properties to find the perfect target. So, how do they choose? In many cases, it can be as easy as looking through the window. With this in mind, you must avoid leaving your valuables in sight from the outside. Although this sometimes won’t be possible, things such as expensive jewellery, bicycles and power tools should be kept out of plain view, while you should never leave delivery boxes on the street. Posts on social media Sharing your activities on social media has become a popular pastime for countless people. But with tech-savvy crooks becoming more commonplace, they know how to scour Facebook and Instagram to find opportunities to break into a home. For example, you might inadvertently reveal that you’ve gone on holiday for a few weeks, giving criminals the confidence and knowledge to carry out a burglary. Make sure you hold onto your holiday posts until you return from vacation. Uncollected mail Uncollected mail has long been considered a telltale sign that the homeowners have gone away. With criminals driving past bound to notice an overflowing letterbox, this might give them the hint they need to return later to scope out your home further. When you’re spending time away from home due to work or leisure, always organise someone to collect your mail. With a neighbour or relative dropping by quickly every couple of days, this ensures you don’t give criminals useful inside information. Inappropriate home security system You need to choose a home security system that suits your specific needs. Rather than rushing into a decision that leaves you with an inappropriate solution, you need to consider your home size, the valuables inside and the components involved. The best way to ensure you make the right decision is by getting professional advice. With the team at BPoint Security tailoring home security systems for our clients day in and day out, we know how to design a solution that gives you absolute confidence in its performance. Chat with the experts B Point Security has been one of Melbourne’s most trusted security solutions providers for over 15 years. With our specially tailored security systems safeguarding homes and commercial spaces, we have the skills to protect your property against numerous threats. Get in touch with our expert team to book an obligation-free consultation today.