Your retail security system must excel across a range of functions to effectively do its job. It needs to bolster your OHS efforts, deter criminals, and reduce leakage at a minimum. But choosing the right retail security system means weighing up the pros and pitfalls of countless technologies, before finding an effective solution at a price point that works for you. In this blog post, you’ll find 3 helpful tips from a security professional that will help you select the right retail security system.

1. Start by finding an experienced security professional.

The number of security solutions available on the market today may seem overwhelming. Seeking advice from an experienced security professional gives you quick access to expertise and advice, so you don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet weighing up your options. Outsourcing your security system to an experienced professional will save you time and promises better results.

Many quality security providers are happy to have an obligation free discussion about your security needs without the expectation of a purchase. These conversations empower you to know and understand what you need from your retail security system. Make sure you meet with a company with strong experience and ask them a lot of questions. If they know their stuff, they will provide strong guidance around what you need, even if it’s less than you thought you needed. That’s their job – to design efficient security systems rather than try and squeeze your wallet.

2. Build a tailored security system that meets your unique needs.

The security system you choose for your retail store must address your concerns and pain points, while also operating effectively in the space. There are many variables that impact the effectiveness of a system: for instance, the height of a camera impacts the image quality, and poor placement of alarm sensors increases the likelihood of false alarms.
A tailored security system devised with your store’s location, risk factors, and available space is the only way to protect against poor security equipment performance.

Expert security technicians know where your security budget will be most impactful. They devise security systems using advanced technologies where needed and standard performance options in lower risk areas. Leading security providers will provide recommendations and an obligation free quote for a tailored security system for your retail store.

bpoint technician wearing white gloves installing commercial cctv in chadstone offices

3. Rely on professional installation of your tailored retail security system.

Professional installation by a trusted security technician lets you get the most out of your retail security system – for the longest period of time. Quality security providers will stand behind their work by providing guarantees about their workmanship. You should always ask your security provider whether they offer guarantees on their installations and the equipment.

There is another significant advantage that comes with relying on professional installation of your security system: you gain access to leading security equipment with advanced features. The most trusted security manufacturers partner with local professionals who supply and install the equipment. Why? Because they know that premium products only deliver premium results when they’re correctly installed as part of a tailored security solution.

Some questions to ask:

How long have you been installing security systems?
Will cables be run efficiently and concealed?
Will there be any damage to the property as a result of installation?
Will you leave a mess or do you guarantee a clean installation?
How confident are you that you can deliver this work?

For assistance choosing the right retail security system for your premises, get in touch. One of our experienced technicians will be in touch within 24 hours for an obligation-free discussion about your security needs.

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