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The safety of your warehouse is not something to gamble with. As a business owner, you know that every pallet, box and shelf in your storage contains valuable assets and inventory – not to mention the hard work you’ve invested. From this perspective, reliable 24/7 protection from a warehouse alarm monitoring service is an investment, not a cost. 

With the rapid growth of ecommerce and online retailers, warehouse alarm monitoring has become an essential service for modern businesses in Melbourne. B Point Security offers comprehensive solutions to secure your inventory around the clock.

How Our Warehouse Alarm Monitoring Service Works

Our experienced team provides customised security camera surveillance, intruder detection systems, environmental monitoring sensors, and live 24/7 alarm monitoring to protect your premises when it matters most. Get real-time alerts and rapid emergency response if anything threatens your warehouse. 

Don’t leave your business’ security to chance. Our warehouse alarm monitoring service in Melbourne gives you peace of mind, improves workplace safety and allows you to focus on your core operations, not security concerns. 


Protection You Can Trust

Warehouse security threats come in many forms – from petty theft to catastrophic disasters. Without comprehensive alarm monitoring, you leave your inventory and property vulnerable. 

At BPoint, we customise our warehouse alarm monitoring service for Melbourne businesses from start to finish. Motion sensor triggers can be placed in key areas, capturing suspicious activity for instant notifications and remote access viewing. 

Enjoy critical protection that goes far beyond basic security measures. Investing in a comprehensive monitoring system delivers valuable benefits like:

  • Prevent inventory loss. Motion sensors, door contacts, and video surveillance quickly detect unauthorised access or theft.
  • Ensure workplace safety. Receive instant alerts for accidents, fires or other hazards so emergency response can arrive promptly.
  • Limit business disruptions. Get notified immediately of equipment failures, power outages or plumbing issues to address problems before operations are impacted.
  • Improve emergency response. When an emergency strikes, our systems allow you to dispatch appropriate responders, saving critical minutes immediately.
  • Gain 24/7 protection. Rest easy knowing your commercial facility is secured around the clock, even when unstaffed overnight or on weekends.
  • Demonstrate security to insurers. Comprehensive monitoring can reduce insurance premiums for many warehouse owners.

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With BPoint’s customisable alarm monitoring, you’re backed by the very best in the industry. 

Protect your investments and hard work today. Don’t gamble with gaps in your security – a break-in or disaster could damage your business long-term. Our solutions provide all-encompassing protection for your assets—we offer a wide range of monitoring options depending on the level of security required. 

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