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A Global Leader in Innovation in Development

Paradox alarms are sophisticated, yet simple. They bundle advanced technology into attractive casings. The information you need is available in a user-friendly platform accessible via an app.

Innovation is at the core of the Paradox Alarms brand. You can see that in their ‘always armed’ approach to alarms. This approach reflects their findings that 26% of break ins happen while you’re home. The three arming levels are armed, sleep mode, and stay mode. The protection offered ranges from maximum security for when you’re away through to a protected perimeter that guards you while you’re home. You get around-the-clock protection and eliminate the risk of forgetting to set the alarm.

Paradox Alarm Systems

Paradox alarm systems are developed to meet different needs.

Pet-friendly motion detectors leverage infrared sensors to detect intruders and ignore pets. High performance detectors offer exceptional accuracy in demanding environments. The all-in-one motion detector and WiFi camera eliminates the need for separate CCTV, access control, and automation.

Paradox alarm systems include other cutting-edge functionality, such as:

  • Video verification.
  • Wireless repeaters that allow large areas to be easily covered.
  • A smart user interface.
  • NBN-ready.
  • Back-to-base monitoring compatible.
  • Self-monitoring is available via Insite Gold.
  • Market leading 2-way remote controls.

Paradox Alarm Installation

You will achieve exceptional results with BPoint’s Paradox alarm installation services.

We offer professional installation to homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners/managers throughout Greater Melbourne. Guaranteeing that your security system will be reliably set up for monitoring, whether you choose self-monitoring or back-to-base monitoring, or both.

With BPoint, you receive a tailored security solution designed exclusively for your property. You will receive guidance about which technologies best meet your needs. Then, professional technicians will install your Paradox Alarms and other security equipment. We’ll help you access the app and make sure you know how everything works before we leave.

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