Christmas means something different for every Australian, but crime analysts have perhaps the most unusual take on the holiday season. Their interest lies in numbers, and these numbers represent the crime statistics for the year. By analysing the holiday crime statistics in various ways, including year-on-year analyses, analysts are able to reveal trends that can inform us on the best approach to developing business security solutions that work. 

Commercial security is crucial at any time of year, but is there more crime to worry about during Christmas? Let’s take a look at the latest Australian crime statistics to find out.


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Commercial security systems a key factor in lowering crime rates 

Though we’ve spent the better part of the last two years dealing with the pandemic, you may be surprised to learn that property crime decreased in 2020 and again in 2021. Though this is good news, it’s worth noting that “property crime” covers a number of offence categories. Analysts found that the overall dip was accounted for by specific drops in the rates of theft from motor vehicles, retail stores, and residential properties. 

Commercial properties and construction sites tend to be targeted by a different brand of criminal, so the need for effective and visible security measures is high, particularly going into the holiday season. Indeed, the Australian Bureau of Criminology mentions improved business and commercial security systems as one of the key reasons behind the sustained decrease in property crime over the last 20 years in Australia. 

The impact of lockdowns on crime

Another factor the commercial sector must consider is the fact that Victoria’s lengthy lockdowns had an impact on crime rates. With restrictions being enforced, the opportunities for property crime were diminished. The Crime Statistics Agency noted a correlation between the lockdowns and the drop in property crime in Victoria. While break-ins, theft, and burglary dropped during this time, even over the 2020 holiday period, a new form of crime emerged – breaches of Chief Health Officer (CHO) directions.

With Victorians expected to continue to be free from lockdown restrictions over the 2021 holiday season, this means the commercial sector should be prepared for a potential spike in criminal activity. Of course, as we learned above, the right business security solutions can have an impact on crime reduction that’s noticed by statisticians on a national level.

The impact of commercial security systems on property crime

Clearly visible security cameras can deter both thieves and vandals, helping you avoid costly damage and losses. However, a robust commercial security system does more than just protect your business. CCTV cameras, alarms, intercoms, zoning, and other integrative features can keep your employees and their property safe too. 

Around the holiday season, employee theft can be a problem for large companies. Security cameras are generally enough to significantly reduce internal theft, while the footage obtained provides clear proof of any incidents that do occur. This makes reaching a resolution quicker and more straightforward for all involved parties.

Both loud and silent alarms are effective at reducing the impact of property crime on businesses, though they differ in the impact they have. Silent alarms alert authorities to crimes in action, drastically increasing the odds that the perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted. Loud alarms may also alert authorities, but they generally also scare intruders off. This can be a benefit for business owners who’d rather cut the crime short, protecting company assets in a critical moment. 

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