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Commercial security systems in Lysterfield play an important role in mitigating the risks inherent with running a business.

OHS incidents, whether they’re legitimate or fraudulent, tie up company resources for months or even years. Burglaries lead to stock loss, rising insurance premiums, and property damage. While, for many businesses, the threat of fire, flood or carbon monoxide leaks are very real.

We partner with you to devise a commercial security system in Lysterfield that increases the safety of your property. By harnessing the powers of leading security equipment, including security cameras, access control, remote entry, and intercoms, you can enhance your business. We’ll determine whether your priority is to streamline safety, increase communication, or ramp up your security. Then, we deliver a solution that meets your unique business needs.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems offer powerful protection from intruders, fire, flooding and carbon monoxide. The features they can come equipped with add convenience and security to your property:

  • Zoning
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Arming/Disarming
  • Responsive Sensors
  • Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s how zoning improves your commercial property:

With zoning, you can arm the alarm in certain areas of your property while it’s switched off in others. This functionality is perfect for businesses operating across multiple floors or locations. The equipment is sophisticated enough that you can arm the alarm in the foyer while your workers stay late in their offices. So they’re protected during late nights or early mornings.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Back-to-base commercial alarm monitoring gives you 24/7 support from a team of security professionals.

With our operational knowledge and calm delivery, we’re equipped to manage false alarms and legitimate alerts. The services we provide are prompt, allowing you to achieve the best outcome in the situation.

You are also free to self-monitor your alarm. You’ll receive alerts directly to your phone if an alarm is triggered. Having the time and information you need to respond to any threats to your business is incredibly valuable.

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