In the post-pandemic era, construction site security is more important than ever. COVID-19 has created a slew of added pressures, some predictable and others entirely unexpected. With lockdowns easing off but Pandemic Order compliance checks rolling in, there are many new and rapidly changing factors for builders and construction companies to consider. 

This is why it’s essential to develop a construction site security plan that’s informed by the latest crime trends and statistics. The best construction site security cameras are a good start, but they need to form part of a targeted approach that allows you to control access to your site, protect assets, comply with health and safety regulations, and monitor employee and contractor activity with ease and precision.

The future of construction site security
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Construction site theft and vandalism

While the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 resulted in a reduction of many crime types, construction site theft surged during this time in many parts of the world. Theft and vandalism have been ongoing problems in the construction industry for decades, but with many sites forced to close at short notice, they were ripe for the picking by opportunistic thieves. 

As Victorians ease into post-lockdown living, a number of issues are driving a new spike in construction site theft. Among the most significant contributing factors are supply shortages and the economic hardship faced by many people after the extended lockdowns. 

These pandemic-related factors have placed a huge amount of added pressure on an industry that was already experiencing significant levels of crime. Now more than ever, it is essential for business owners to conduct a thorough risk assessment and develop a strategic construction site security plan. From the foundation stage through framing, fit-out, and the final handover, it is vital to have a security strategy that protects your equipment and materials. 

Of course, this is only part of what the best construction site security systems can do. 



Monitoring Employee and Contractor Behaviour

When it comes to construction site security, many people think about external threats like thieves and vandals. They generally also consider the benefits of deterring trespassers who may injure themselves on the property, leading to legal issues. However, your access control system and construction site security cameras can protect you from many more problems than this.

In recent years, the Australian construction industry’s work safety standards have come under scrutiny due to the prevalence of serious workplace injuries. In 2020, the Labour History journal covered the deaths of a number of unskilled migrant workers on construction sites in WA, while the Federal Safety Commission (FSC) launched a nationwide audit of the hazards involved in scaffolding and mobile plant. Research published in the Substance Use and Misuse journal has also highlighted drug and alcohol abuse as a significant problem among construction workers in Australia – one that can lead to dangerous working conditions and accidents. 

Beyond the obvious importance of providing a safe and healthy working environment, lack of compliance can present costly legal and insurance issues, not to mention reputational damage for companies found to be negligent. For companies that are following industry regulations, providing all necessary training, maintaining equipment, and meeting safety standards, high-quality construction site security cameras are an essential tool in proving compliance and monitoring the behaviour of those working on site. 

The best construction site security system will allow you to keep an eye on all areas of the building site at all hours of the day. Such systems include solar-powered CCTV cameras capable of delivering timelapse footage that’s helpful for compliance purposes as well as client care and marketing. 

In addition to helping you detect and take action on things like internal theft and non-compliance with safety guidelines, construction site security cameras have a powerful deterrent effect. Contractors are far more likely to comply with rules and guidelines if they know the site is being monitored. This allows you to create a safer workplace, which has obvious benefits for all involved.  


COVID-19 Compliance Rules for Construction Sites

While Australia’s states and territories all have their own rules and governing bodies, it’s true across the board that construction sites must now comply with new health and safety procedures. In Victoria, for example, it’s mandatory for construction companies to keep records proving their compliance with COVIDSafe rules. This includes everything from the presence of signage to the use of masks onsite. 

As the vaccine rollout continues, the rules for construction sites do appear to be easing up. However, site checks are still common, and willful non-compliance with Public Health Orders can result in fines and/or imprisonment. So, having an access control system and CCTV monitoring is essential for ensuring compliance and avoiding costly holdups.

In Victoria, construction workers were among a number of groups able to return to work during lockdowns. However, vaccine mandates and other strict measures were put in place to govern their return to work. As we’ve seen, it’s easy for these rules to spark protests and at the very least, discontent. When faced with strict rules and tense workers, it helps to have reliable technology on-hand to take the pressure off the situation. 

New technology like Provision ISR’s EASY-CHECK system allows you to integrate temperature-check technology into your building site security system, making it easy to get fast and accurate temperature measurements from anyone entering your site. Such technology also comes with mask detection, facial recognition, and the capacity to automatically record the relevant data. Streamlining these processes makes it easier on workers and removes any frustration, all while ensuring compliance and storing the essential data. 

Though there certainly are far more legal factors to consider in the post-pandemic world and far more risks faced by construction companies, modern research methods allow us to track and monitor trends in construction site crime. In turn, modern technology also allows us to develop robust security systems informed by these research findings. In this way, we’re able to develop comprehensive security strategies capable of supporting construction companies with access control, OH&S compliance, crime prevention, crime detection, and more.

If you have concerns about construction site crime or the security of your projects, contact BPoint Security today. Our certified technicians would be happy to conduct a risk assessment and work with you to develop an unbeatable security strategy