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Reliable Protection from Burglary, Vandalism & Fire

Home alarm systems for Melbourne residential properties give you the powerful protection you’ve been looking for. The police in every state in Australia recommend that you install a reliable alarm system to protect your home. And your insurer may offer you a discount if you do too.

They’re an incredible addition to your smart home – or the perfect place to start with smart functionality. With lifestyle features like pet-friendly alarm systems and integration with home access control, it’s easy to see just how valuable home alarm systems are for Melbourne properties.

Home Alarm System Installation

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Home alarm system installation really benefits from a professional touch. There’s so much that can go wrong if the systems aren’t properly installed – like false alarms from poor sensor placement. Proper installation is particularly important if you want all that added smart functionality to work. Pet-friendly sensors rely on precise installation and they can be incredibly frustrating if they aren’t placed correctly.


Is A 

Home Alarm System

worth it ?

If you’re considering whether a home alarm system is worth it, we say yes! The fact that you’re asking, means you’re concerned about your home.

So, the real question you’re considering is “what’s the value of peace of mind?”. And while peace of mind is priceless, the costs associated with home alarm systems and professional installation are less than you might think. Especially when you consider the years of powerful protection you get. And even more so when you think about the costs of a burglary!

It’s not hard to see why a BPoint Security solution is worth it. They deter criminals, reduce your loss in the case of a burglary, and keep you safe in your home.  They can even integrate with your smoke and fire alarms, so you’re always informed and in control.

If you want to feel safe in your own home – and confident that it’s secure when you’re not there – BPoint’s expertise will put your mind at ease.

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