Installing CCTV Camera systems is a highly efficient method of keeping you and your family – as well as your property and all your belongings – safe. As an incredibly popular security solution, CCTV security systems also serve as one of the major ways in which numerous businesses all over the nation – spanning a wide range of industries and sectors – choose to protect their corporate interests, employees, and company assets. Put simply, a fully outfitted CCTV security system effectively affords you the convenience of keeping a close eye on any number of locations – often all at once with very minimal signal delay. The opportunity to simultaneously monitor your home’s back, front, and side yards ensures that you and your loved ones are kept safe. As for commercial use, monitoring a whole host of activities across various rooms and sections of your business – typically when you’re busy at work yourself – is ultimately an invaluable tool.

At B Point, we professionally install and expertly maintain CCTV Surveillance Systems across Melbourne to ensure total security -both when you need it as well as where it matters most of all: whether you’re at home or back at the office, this trusted security solution offers you the peace of mind in knowing that safety is ensured.

All our CCTV Security system installations across Melbourne come with comprehensive two year warranty on CCTV cameras: an extensive unlimited warranty on all our installation and surveillance work. We guarantee our cost effective and premium quality security systems are kept at optimal functioning levels.

Our CCTV Surveillance System Installation Services include:

  • Analog or Full HD Cameras
  • Remote viewing using on your Apple or Android Smart phone/Tablet
  • Waterproof & Night vision enabled
  • 19” LCD Monitor and DVR

Our Standard Business CCTV Packages starts from $1599. Contact us for an obligation free quote if your Business/warehouse requires Customised CCTV installations.

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